Mobile cryptocurrency is growing, but is it worth your time?

In the world of cryptocurrency we have seen many developments over the past decade, but one of the most interesting comes from within the mobile market where cryptocurrencies are mined on your everyday cell phone.  So what does this mean? According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 9.42 Billion mobile connections worldwide – so this surpasses the current world population of 7.75 Billion people! Essentially this means that with mobile cryptocurrencies on the rise more and more people will be able to get involved. They can do this without a high-end GPU, CPU or even a home computer!  This is groundbreaking for the crypto world and could be the reason why mobile cryptocurrencies raise in value as time goes on.

Is it worth my time to get involved early on – should I wait and see if it picks up?

If you had the insight to get involved on the ground floor of bitcoin (as of today one bitcoin = $8,642 USD) you would have, and many people asked early on whether or not it was worth their time to invest in and/or mine bitcoin.  In the end, many people said no – and many people are still kicking their own butts over not taking the leap in 2008 when bitcoin was first launched. Even if these mobile cryptocurrencies fail – you lost NOTHING.  With no time commitment and zero financial investment, it would be silly to ignore these mobile cryptocurrencies and not get involved! Much like bitcoin, many people took interest early, but most of them waited to see if the trend picked up – and by the time it skyrocketed it was already too late for them!  Don’t let that happen to you with mobile cryptocurrencies!

Who are the major players in the mobile crypto world?

Currently there are three mobile cryptocurrencies that we think you should consider getting involved with. Each of the three we list here are slightly different, but one thing remains the same across the board for ALL of these – ACCESSIBILITY and EASE OF USE. Below we have listed our TOP THREE MOST PROMISING MOBILE CRYPTOCURRENCIES to assist you in your decision of which to consider.

Who are the top three mobile cryptocurrencies today?


Our top choice in terms of design and potential has to go to the Pi Network.

Pi Network (π) beta was launched on 3/14/19 by three Stanford PhDs and graduates:


  • Dr Nicolas Kokkalis, Head of Technologies;
  • Dr Chengdiao Fan, Head of Product;
  • Vincent McPhillip, Head of Community.

Pi Network allows users to earn Pi cryptocurrency from any mobile device. With bitcoin now requiring a lot of electricity to mine – as well as expensive and advanced ASIC mining hardware, PI coins on the other hand are completely eco-friendly. Stay tuned and follow for more articles on Pi as I am very excited about this project and heavily involved in assisting them grow.

What makes Pi Network so attractive? The strength in Pi is contained in the people, not the currency itself! Not only is your earning rate increased by adding trusted people to your earning team and security circle, but the entire platform is based on this grassroots approach, and we love it!  When I joined the network just a few weeks ago there were 1.3 Million Engaged Pioneers, and in that time we have grown to over 2.5+ million engaged Pioneers!  With the mining reward potentially halving or falling to zero at 10 million Pi users, NOW is your time to get involved!  This is the ground floor right now and you can get involved very easily! π

One of the best things about the Pi Network is something you would not believe – the app has 43 different language chats with moderators in each one! You can discuss Pi at any time of the night – so long as you are on-topic and friendly you will always find somebody excited to talk about Pi with…even at 4am in the morning. The chat rooms have people from every country on Earth. The chat rules are simple, keep it Pi related! No politics, no religion, no vulgarity.  Very simple rules that…naturally get broken because this is the internet. Those who break the rules are typically muted quite quickly after repeated warnings. Such is the internet! Otherwise there is an incredible community waiting for you!

Join my earning team for FREE today! The app is a free download and there are no paid features or anything of the nature. No charges or fees, no credit card – nothing but less data and information than you already give to Facebook.

⛏️ ⛏️
(you are already giving your data to facebook and you are worried about Pi?)

A lot of people ask how you can increase your earning rate? This can be increased a couple ways but the primary and proven method is by adding people you trust who are committed to the long-term and remain active. If you get invited by a friend and want to use their code you should make sure that person is going to be actively mining!! Otherwise use our code – my earning team is always active, and if you ever catch me away the Pi Network has a ping system where you can give me a slight nudge so that I click to be active – don’t worry, if this gets annoying you can turn off notifications for the Pi app and just remind yourself to stay active. Personally we enjoy this feature. If somebody on my teams catches me inactive I love it when they ping me! Keep in mind that even if you do join a team with an inactive leader….it really is not the end of the world, just invite more people and build it back up! Grow your OWN earning team and show your friend five years later what you transformed your Pi into after you built a large earning team of your own!

There are zero fees for joining an earning team. This is strictly about mining Pi (π) cryptocurrency as we help it grow into a powerhouse – just make sure the earning team has an active miner as this will increase the rate at which you mine!  My team @Rift is ALWAYS active, so joining my team guarantees you get some form of bonus 24/7.

Just use my link here and you will be added to my team of miners:


Our second choice goes to Electroneum, but the community and excitement for Electroneum seems all but non-existent.  This mobile cryptocurrency has some extra time on Pi, but it really has not garnered a following. In fact, last I was on there were just above 200,000 active miners – and although Pi Network does not list the active miners, if you look in the chats you will see how active it is throughout the day.  Pi Network is taking the world by storm, but there are a few redeeming qualities when it comes to Electroneum. This mobile-based payment solution is powered by ETN – which is a KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency. ETN is a store of value that can be used to purchase everyday items, from bread and milk to mobile phone top-ups. When used in conjunction with the Electroneum mobile application, users can transfer ETN to anyone in an instant, either in person or remotely. Electroneum is a blockchain-based financial platform – but it lacks the chat and community of the Pi Network, despite it being ahead in terms of development. Another bonus is that ETN is currently trading on markets, but the value in terms of currency conversion is quite low.

With Electroneum ahead of Pi Network in terms of timeline and registered users – as of this writing the platform has seen a fairly large dip in activity. There are many contributing factors, but with the price of one Electroneum currently listed at $0.00405170 USD – the currency has not as of yet really gained much value, but this may change as more and more people realize and jump on the mobile cryptocurrency train. With that said, Electroneum is still certainly worth downloading and mining, simply because the investment is absolutely nothing. We still have much stronger predictions in favour of Pi Network, but using my referral code: 687F23 can give you a boost should you decide to download Electroneum as well. The fact that this currency is already trading on markets and worth some FIAT currency, despite it being very low at this time, still gives promise to the future. Here are a few things that make Electroneum a possible threat in the future – maybe not compared to Pi, but they may be second in the market place and mobile crypto may be the future, so that is fine:

  • Electroneum is based on the Monero privacycoin code. It hard forked from Monero to separate itself from Monero’s war on ASIC mining.
  • ETN is CPU or ASIC mined using the Cryptonight algorithm. Mobile devices virtually mine using the Electroneum app, which doesn’t process the blockchain and acts as a marketing airdrop.

With these pieces in place, ETN built a blockchain network. We aren’t saying this is a bad app by any means, it just doesn’t hold the weight and vision that Pi (π) does. We may still one day see another growth spurt. At this point anything is possible!

Much like Pi Network, you can use my referral code for added bonus. Use referral code 687F23. You can also scan the provided Secret Cloud QR code with the scanner in your Electroneum app.


Our third selection goes to Phoneum. Out of the three, I feel like this is the least attractive for me, but that is just me.  Personally I have no interest in playing mobile games to earn cryptocurrency, and Phoneum’s future is very much tied into their development of such games for both iOS and Android. If that is your thing, and you’d like to actively play games to earn cryptocurrency, this may be quite attractive for you. Another idea – if your child has an iPad maybe a way to entertain them and educate them on the future of cryptocurrencies would be to play Phoneum games to gain some cryptocurrency!

Much like the others, if you do use my referral code it gives you a bonus of 200 Phoneum. Claim your invite:

We cannot predict future – but why wait?

With all of these mobile cryptocurrencies being introduced within the last few years, we have no clue how they will perform in the long-term. What we do know is that two of them are already trading for real USD, but they are nothing like Pi Network! Not only that, but our #1 selection – The Pi Network (π) has some of the most promising and interesting plans we have seen yet!  It’s time to get involved – so hit those referral links above for some rewards and bonuses to get you started!

If anything, Pi (π) is the one you need right now.



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