Secret Cloud makes great websites. No easier way to say it.
We have been doing this a long time. At Secret Cloud we build clean, secure, and extremely easy to navigate websites! This is what everyone enjoys when using the internet and this is what we provide to our clients.
We use our bag of tricks to ensure your sites perform fast in browsers, on mobile devices and tablets, and they will look great in any resolution!
We offer a variety of services including small edits and maintenance to your existing website (updating WordPress, PHP and SSL, Google Recaptcha) as well as full website design services and long-term contracts maintaining your media or website.
If you run a business with inventory we can do things like add a full online shop for your product, and we can allow your business to accept online payments compatible with all of your existing systems! Interested in more? Send us a quote request!
Did we mention full ad copy and editing from exceptional writers? That’s right! We know how to spell and use grammar! With Secret Cloud you don’t need to worry about embarrassing spelling errors, typos or poor writing. We can advise and assist with developing your business vision in perfect English. We can also translate to many different languages to create international pages.
Do you dislike working with web designers that require your guidance on everything? At Secret Cloud we know you’re busy, that is why we have a very quick consultation and we can go to work immediately after without constant requests! We will design quickly and effectively. As we make major progress – we then bring our designs to you for revision!
We have a live chat on our website and we are always online when designing. Essentially we only turn it off when sleeping – You can rest assured knowing that we take our contracts seriously, and we can be accessible throughout your project for instant answers to your questions.
With Secret Cloud you make contact when you need us, and we only update when we have something to show – which is exceptionally fast. We can have a great looking, fully functioning website with a ton of great features done at an industry-leading pace. We can bring your vision to reality!!
From designing websites to video editing and managing creative projects, we have the experience and network to bring your projects to life in ways you never imagined.
With our in-house audio and visual capabilities we are able to produce original content for our clients without cutting corners or sacrificing aesthetics.
Secret Cloud is also an advocate of blockchain technology and is leading the way by accepting select cryptocurrencies as payment. At this time we are officially accepting Bitcoin (BTC).


Fill out a custom quote request today and start working with Secret Cloud!


Our sales and marketing experience is deeply rooted in ongoing research and trends that evolve with the marketplace


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