What is Secret Cloud? Secret Cloud has been many things over the last 17 years, but what it truly means to me is an ever-expanding idea that can not be written in stone. It grows with me, it changes with me. It never seeks more than it needs. It always works ten steps ahead of me – but in alignment with every foot step.

Secret Cloud is also a website that I registered a very long time ago. As cloud technology and private cloud technology expanded over the last decade my website grew in value. I have been offered money for this website on several occasions, but until a tremendous offer comes through this website will be in my families possession for eternity. Any private cloud technology company or otherwise looking to purchase this domain should think big. I might not even sell it then.

I am a multi-disciplined artist, musician & computer scientist born and raised in Canada, currently residing in Cloud City. Along the way I have been involved in many creative projects and I should probably log them all in one place – but does it really matter?

These days I like reading about quantum artificial intelligence / stealth & cryptocurrency – and have been thinking about getting a German Shepherd pup.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. 


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